© Izna Bandey

'The One Who Didn't Visit Your Temple Was You', [2014]  ©Izna Bandey

'The One Who Didn't Visit Your Temple Was You', [2014]

©Izna Bandey


"You dance inside my heart where no one sees you, but sometimes I do. That sight becomes this art."

- Rumi -

Izna Bandey is a multi-disciplinary artist. Through her work, she has been  questioning identity, exploring and playing with both the spiritual and physical aspects of the context. Other themes that are common within her artwork are life, death, love, rebirth, reflection, nature and the cosmos. Bandey uses these ideas and plays with neutral polar opposites; light and dark, and creates metaphors for the seen and unseen. Her immersive installations are sensory and almost theatrical in nature and are reminiscent of the processes involved in creating Tibetan Mandalas. Presence is a key term revolving around her artwork, which is often experienced in solitary silence, producing a meditative environment for the viewer. Her artwork continually develops the journey into the self with an element of the numinous. 


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